Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Keep Calm and Knit On

          Folks who follow me on Instagram know of my current obsession- knitting socks! I feel like it was a slow learning process but once I got the hang of it my needles flew- the end result is this snuggly pair of wool socks- perfect for these cooler late summer days! Now I'm not referring to this current time as fall- it certainly doesn't feel like it- with our kiddos still on "summer break" thanks to the labour dispute between our Provincial Government and our teachers. We are hanging onto these final days of summer for all they are worth- beach trips for impromptu picnics in between rain storms- lots of hiking- and a tiny toe dip into the homeschool pool.

          Not to get side tracked by the lack of school- the disappointment of my youngest who was ever so excited to head off to Kindergarten- the bummed out expression of a six year old who just wants to play unsupervised by Mum with his friends! Our family has spent a tonne of time together these past three months and while nerves are starting to fray we just need to roll with it- make a conscious effort to take time apart when we need it- keep things fun and interesting for all of us. Personally I will be diving back into my knitting basket again this week- starting yet another pair of socks- a small and portable project that can travel with us to park, beach or sit in- while the kiddos roam I can relax and let me fingers fly.

       This was my first pair of socks ever- aside from a pair of mitts and a lot of hats and scarves I have always been a bit intimidated of knitting actual garments- with the easy to follow instructions from one of my favourite books of the summer- Made By Hand by Lena Corwin- these socks were actually a snap. Now they may not be the most evenly knit of socks they do fit my feet and they do over all look like socks so I am incredibly happy with them!

         So my motto for the coming weeks will obviously have to be Keep Calm and Knit On!

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