Thursday, June 5, 2014

Studio Update

              I have been very busy in the studio as of late- often what gets sewn up doesn't make it to my Etsy shop- selling out before hitting the virtual shelves- my shop these days is looking a little bare to say the least. So I finally have gotten to a place where I have a few new items to post in my Plain Jane Etsy shop- which I will be doing later this afternoon! It's easy to become inspired when the weather is so lovely- creating these sweet little hot weather tops- mainly with my own girly in mind- she wants clothes that she can play in- things she can be a little girl in.

        I'm really excited to be offering two styles of tops right now for little Miss'- sweet and swingy- perfect for picking flowers in Momo's garden! The cap sleeve top pictured above is one of Miss Lo's favourites- easy to wear like a t-shirt but with enough feminine flare to satisfy any four year old. As she says it's like wearing a dress but not- perfect for an active gal who has mountains to climb! I love this little top so much- sewn out of natural linen on top and adorable organic cotton print on the bottom.

        Of course our favourite hot weather criss cross top is back- this time in two prints- one with a totally vintage print- a sweet vintage floral print- these are actually sense from vintage sheets! I have two of these bright tops left- they went fast- one small and one large. The second criss cross swing top is sewn from hand dyed indigo fabric- this is my new passion- I am a bit indigo crazy these days- everything indigo! Organic cotton gets a hit of blue and is the perfect weight for hot weather- easy Summer dressing for wee gals!

          I have so many other exciting and half finished projects hanging about in the studio- I am hoping to have them wrapped up soon and out on the shelves of my Etsy shop. I find the creative process for me is a bit like a spider web- one idea begets another and away I go- leaving a string of half finished projects in my wake. My current goal is to reign in my focus and to actually complete more things- to get them out for sale!

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