Friday, June 6, 2014

In The Kitchen: Chive Vinegar

       Last week a couple of  friends posted enticing photos in their Instagram feeds of some lovely looking Chive Vinegar that they were brewing up- I was instantly intrigued by this pretty pinkish concoction. Fate always has a way of stepping in for me and giving me what I need and last weekend was no different- we arrived at my parent's house where the chives were in full bloom- thank you fate- or nature- whatever- at any rate I had access to an abundance of chive heads- so I thought I would try this pretty Spring treat.


1 1/2 cups of Champagne vinegar or white wine vinegar
2 1/2 cups of chive heads- snipped right at the base
a mason jar or two
parchment paper


- warm the vinegar in a small sauce pan- do not let it boil- you want the warm vinegar to bring out the flavour

-rinse the chive heads in cool water to dispel any garden creatures hitching a ride- gently wash

- place the flowers into the jars- pack them in

- pour warm vinegar over the flowers and allow to cool

- place the parchment paper over the mouth of the jar before screwing on the lid- the metal will make your lovely vinegar taste terrible

-place in a cool spot and allow to steep for a week or two

- use in tasty Summer vinaigrettes or even on fish and chips- adding a slight onion taste to any dish

- Thank you to both Carie and Michelle for their inspiration- my salads thank you as do my fries!

          Friends it is Friday again- we have a busy weekend packed full of Birthday parties and Farmers Marketing! Today we have no school and so we are celebrating the wonderful weather by heading out to our favourite outdoor pool for the first time this season! Hooray! Much peace and love Friends- Happy Friday!

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