Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Away We Go

           This past weekend found our little family on the road again- heading out of town early Friday morning we quickly left the city behind- coming to the place where spaces grow larger in between. Finding that space and breathing room is something we all cherish- our neighbourhood is so full- packed with life- which we love- most of the time. We always arrive at a tipping point where we need to seek out that space- to carve out a little quiet- to touch the earth and gather it's magic.

        Plenty of these spaces in between exist- a person just needs to know where to look- for myself I find these pockets of quiet in the early morning garden- listening to the buzz of the earth- watching the sun slant through the young garlic plants. I find these spaces down at the lake- where my childhood lurks behind every Willow Tree- where I can see the roll of the mountains behind closed eyes- I know them just that well.

        I hope for my city kids that giving them this time will keep them grounded- keep them in touch with the sacred bond of nature- help them to grow into protectors of the earth. I can see as they grow they need this time more and more- time to stretch their limbs and run unsupervised- time to poke at dead fish with a stick- time to make mud and throw rocks- all seemingly unsupervised- with out adults breathing down their necks. I hope to give our city kids a little bit of what I had as a kid when life was so easy and children could be fierce! Going  home gives us all something that our souls need- something to fill us up till the next time!


  1. You're so lucky you can retreat to the Okanagan. I agree about the mountains. I love the Rockies and Alberta is my 2nd homecoming or even primary now, but as much as I love those jagged peaks, home is the rounded ones. I wish there was an iconic of a sky line as the 3 sisters in canmore....

    1. We have been super fortunate and totally enjoyed living so close to the Okanagan for sure- spoiled perhaps!


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