Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Solstice at Spanish Banks

         To me the Summer Solstice or longest day of the year is the actual and true start to my year- it's the time when I feel myself coming alive again after months of rain induced hibernation. The sun is at it's peak and energy flows through my body- it's when I am most productive as an artist. It's only natural then that I am drawn to a place of magic to celebrate this most magical of days. Just as the veil is at it's thinest during the Winter Solstice so to the ancient power of nature is felt on the longest day of the year- a bit too Pagan for some folks I suppose but in a world where little magic exists we need all we can get!

        And so the longest day of the year found our wee family out at Spanish Banks on blankets and chairs- running through grass and feasting with a gathering of friends. Wind burned and sun swept it was the perfect way to spend the day! It was so wonderful to connect with old friends and make a few new ones- see our big kids running up and down the field chasing the soccer ball- watching the newest batch of wee babes explore their world with laughs and giggles.

          Of course a fair amount of time was spent down by the ocean as well- collecting- it was a day for sea glass- any day I am payed in sea glass and shells is a good day in my books! Our children are becoming feral this Summer- they are finally old enough where I can step even further back- settling in with a book while keeping one eye on their play. Not too long ago they were the wee babes up on the blankets in the shade- now they run barefoot over rocks- searching for secret passages and treasure. Time it seems is moving too fast for my taste.

        Watching the sun set that evening our Boy crossed an item off his Summer bucket list- to stay up late enough to watch the sun set- check done. As we sat at our favourite spot down on the beach The Mr. and I chatted while the Littles played around- we reminisced about all the times at this spot with friends over the years- so grateful for the ones we had seen that day- and missing the ones far away. We have been coming to this beautiful place for over twelve years together now- it's always been a magical place- far enough away from the city to bring peace and contentment to our hearts- time and again this place heals the soul- magic.

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  1. I love that I'm close to the ocean where I am. But then I read this, and I"m not close at all. And yes to feral children. I love that I can let mine wander, although my Missy M is getting quite mobile, I have very little time left of this new found freedom.


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