Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thrifted Thursday

          Of course this Thrifted Thursday has a story to go along with it- a story of a sunny day at the beach with my girly- but of course the story runs much longer than that. This Thrifted Thursday is all about this wee little leather purse that a friend spotted at a vintage store and said "hey you need that"- I had been looking for a bag like this for months- just barely big enough to fit my wallet, phone and keys- with a long cross body strap- perfect for everything I need to keep close.

     I bought this week leather purse on a crummy day in February- I remember my friend and I had just had the best lunch of poached eggs on toast- we left the warm comfort of the cafe and spontaneously dipped into a oft visited vintage store. On this day in February it was struggling to snow- raining for sure- it was cold and dark-  when I saw this wee little bag I thought "this is perfect for summer adventures"- a little bright spot on a grey winter day.

     This little leather bag travels everywhere with me these days- including to the beach of course- across my body- freeing my hands up for important work like shell collecting and hand holding. In what might be it's second or even third life it is collecting so many more unspoken stories- tucking places away in the folds of leather- secreted away. One of the things I love best about pre-loved items are the past lives lived- this little bag travelled all the way from India to a vintage shop in Vancouver - I wonder where it went in between!

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