Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Living With: A Creative Family

      Living with a creative family is messy- there is just no getting around that- three out of four of us are Aquarians- so there is that as well. Projects get started and abandoned with a regularity that is predictable and in fact anticipated- it is just a given that most nights we need to clear off the kitchen table before we can actually eat at it. Such is life with four creative people under one roof- but it's good- oh so good to watch it all unfolding!

         Not too long ago I was the instigator of most creative happenings with our Littles- I blogged a lot of fun projects and ideas- what we were getting up to on rainy days. With in the past few months I have noticed more and more that my kids no longer need me to give them an idea or prompt or even set up any sort of creative station or craft project- they go to the art room and help themselves from their stash of supplies and get on with the business of making. It is a bitter sweet realisation that I have empowered and created two very creative little beings who are now coming up with their own ideas and fun. I am amazed with what they come up with- from fluorescent dinosaurs to shoe box Angry Birds games- their imaginations are inspiring!

         Often at the end of their creative outbursts I am presented with soggy mono coloured pieces of paper that may or may not be a painting of something- most likely an Angry Bird. I often stumble across Miss Lo's tiny story books that she makes and stashes around the apartment. The story above is about a girl who likes to play soccer- this one I found hidden in my jewelry box. We have such a stack of artwork that I hardly know what to do with each precious piece- currently they are stacked up in a box but I'm quickly running out of space. Such prolific artists I have!

       So my Friends- our life is changing once again- my Littles are moving ahead with their life- what may look like tiny steps from afar are actually huge leaps in my eyes. So too will my blog be changing a little bit- reflecting our changing and growing family. As we spend more and more time away from our nest so too will it be recorded here- maybe not as many how to craft projects- but still lots of adventures and creativity- cool stuff we love and coffee- always coffee!

P.S.- one of our favourite go to spots for fresh inspiration is Collage Collage- we made our fun shell painting there as well as purchased those awesome little paper mache dinos that Miss Lo is painting!

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  1. really? they have paper mache dinosaurs now? what else fun things do they have? - ttm


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