Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Away We Go

          It's that time of year again- the time when our wee little family hit the road and become weekend Gypsies living out of our van- most importantly getting out of the city and into some quiet. This past weekend we snuck into the Okanagan late at night to surprise both of our Mom's for Mother's Day- and it was perfect- neither suspected a thing and both were sufficiently surprised. Mother's Day was spent in a blur of family, laughter and food- we ate a lot of food and it was delightful.

          My own Mother's Day wish was fairly simple- I believe we should celebrate every day not just once a year the marvel of family and Motherhood- I celebrate being a Mother to these two imperfect perfect beings daily. But I did have a wish- my wish was to stop at our favourite swimming spot in Oyama and just relax. So on our way back to the Coast we did just that- we grabbed some snacks and pulled into the best swimming spot tucked in between two lakes on a spit of land. Recently the highway was diverted up and over the mountain- away from Oyama- so there is very little traffic here- just quiet, calm waters flanked by rolling orchards- verdant green hills- blazing blue sky.

    Of course it is still a bit early to go swimming- only the very brave jump in such cold waters at this time of year- but that didn't stop us from dipping our toes in and chatting about the hot days spent at the lake to come. Summer is right around the corner- only six weeks of school left and I will admit to be just as giddy as my Boy- he loves school but is excited to have the summer off. The winds are warming up and whisper the promise of long sun burnt days- to me childhood and summer are magical.

     My Mother's Day weekend was perfect- seeing our own Moms was really special and I am so happy we were able to pull the whole thing off- I am a terrible fibber and had to tell several whoppers!  Our weekend was so simple and easy- sitting on the shore of our little lake watching my children play was exactly what I needed. A little peace to restore my soul for the long week ahead!

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