Thursday, February 13, 2014

Travel Bug: AKA It's Almost Camping Season

           I have the travel itch and it's bad- right now I want to be anywhere but in Vancouver- I'm feeling a bit trapped. Not trapped by my family or life but trapped by the normalcy of it all- right now there is nothing new and exciting happening- this is a very common feeling for me to get at this time of the year! The picture above is one of my favourites- it was taken on the ferry home from Pender Island last summer- the breeze was warm and we had all had an excellent weekend camping- it's amazing what a weekend in the woods will do for the soul.

      It is soon time to start planning and reserving campsites again for the coming season- this is possibly one of my favourite things to do- making firm plans to travel months in advance. I'm excited for this year as the kids are just a little bit bigger than they were this year which means they can hike longer, learn new skills, stay up later and most importantly everyone is now tall enough to go on the whale watching zodiac!

      After our California adventure a few months ago I think we are considering heading South again for a short camping trip- our friends have told us such good things about  camping in the Red Woods of Northern California- which is an exciting trip to think about. Also there are many State parks in Oregon that we are wishing to check out. So this year we will be traveling a little further afield- most likely sticking close to the coast- but seeking out new places we haven't explored as a family yet.

        The truth of the matter is that I really can't wait for warmer weather- I can't wait to be sitting around a campfire again toasting smores and drinking a cold beer- my face hot and my back chilly. I can't wait to wake up to rain falling on the tarp- that gentle pitter patter that makes you have to pee and at the same time cozy further down into the sleeping bag. I can't wait to wander down a path my feet have never traveled- eager to see whats around the corner. I can hardly wait to be outside for a full three days and come home sunburned, windswept and utterly content.

"Adventure is out there"

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