Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

       Happy Valentine's Day! I love- love. There really is nothing like good old fashioned treats and heart shaped paper sweet nothings- you know easy love- before it became complicated and expensive. The need to out do one another on Valentine's day has unfortunately soured a lot of people towards what can be a very fun holiday- I say lets reclaim Valentine's day and keep it simple folks!  Lets cut out paper hearts and bust out the stickers and markers- lets tell our loved ones how much we care by the trail of glitter that follows our card!

       Today's post is short & sweet folks- I have heart shaped scones to bake for breakfast and little ones to get out the door with a waterproofed bag of glue laden cards. It is Friday dear Friends and Thank Goodness for that! Every Friday an impromptu  play date erupts in our building- on our floor in particular- the parent's open up our doors and let the kids run up and down the hall- slipping in and out of each other's apartments- toys get traded- cats run by with a paranoid stare- kids dress up- strange games involving Indiana Jones & Ballerinas play out in the halls of a Gastown apartment building. It's like a 70's block party only inside- who ever says that community can't be found in a busy city is wrong.

     We have tried to live in so many parts of this city- we have accidentally found a home in the most unlikely of spots- and right now for this very moment in time we are blessed to have amazing neighbours who care about each other- a village- a village that happens to enjoy a fine boxed wine just as much as I do! Sometimes when you least expect it what you need is right under your nose- and it is simple just like construction paper valentines.

     Anyways I promised I would keep this short and sweet- I have a busy day- to be followed by yet another chill weekend- we have very few plans beyond recycling the old car seats! Happy Friday Friends!

ps- there have been rumours that our floor is the most fun floor in the building- and I can totally confirm that!

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