Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Bowl Full of Goodness

        Holy Moldy- I don't even know where to start- I am sick- not as sick as many other folks are getting- but sick enough to be fuzzy headed and out of sorts- it's that weird sore throat thing that's going around. Thank heaven's it's not the flu- knock on wood. This fall and winter I have been following a health plan for our family which includes lots of rest- no running around getting stressed out, probiotics, fish oil and lots of yummy healthy real food (which we would eat anyways but I am just more aware of it right now)- so far this plan has worked for us- until the other day. Now with Momma down things have kinda ground to a halt.

     Enter in one of my favourite comfort foods- Quinoa porridge with all the toppings! Making Quinoa porridge isn't much different than making Quinoa for dinner- with the exception of substituting milk for the water. So grab your preferred milk of choice- this works well with Almond milk as well and cook your Quinoa in that- so creamy and delicious! Top with any number of your favourite toppings- I like local, raw honey, slivered almonds and local blue berries. Maple syrup with apple sauce and cinnamon is also to die for!

      So here I sit this morning scarfing back a bowl of amazing deliciousness and thinking about how much I miss being outside- incidentally it is actually sunny here today- crazy winter weather! This week we have had extreme low temperatures, snow, rain- complete with rain warnings all followed up with glorious sunshine today. I think I am going to bundle up and go sit on the deck for a bit- enjoy some all natural vitamin D!

ps- make sure to regularly stir the Quinoa so the milk doesn't burn and stick to the pot- also try not to let it boil over- otherwise you will be cleaning the stove top like I will be when I'm feeling better.

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