Monday, February 17, 2014

A Peek At Our Weekend

             This weekend was my birthday- another year done- well done in my personal opinion- filled with plenty of fun- mostly outdoors- with wonderful people- that is my definition of well done. I know lots of people use birthdays as milestones or markers to compare themselves to others and I am not exempt from this milestone making- I too have had goals that I had set for myself this past year- I worked hard to seek out grace and I am working on it still- reaching deep within to accept the things that are working for me and letting go of the things that are not- which can be hard.

       This past year I have worked so hard towards better health- and it was going really well until about New Years- I can tell from how my pants are fitting that it is time once again to step away from the cheese and bread! Although I thoroughly enjoyed it- I need to get back to healthy, whole eating- get back to my yoga class (I haven't been in 2 whole weeks!). At this point in my life loosing weight leading a healthy lifestyle is not so much about being thin- although clothes do look much better!- for me this journey is about wellness and setting a healthy example for my children. Also I want to be as healthy and active at 65 as I am at 38- The Mr.'s Aunt is well in her 70's-she still golfs and gets down on the floor to play with kids- hello I want to be that lady!

        At any rate new goals have been set for my "late thirties" and as I stare down forty I'm not gonna let it become a terrible thing- I feel more settled in my own skin now more than I ever have been. I feel less frantic, more confident and weirdly enough I feel wisdom creeping in. Maybe it is because of this settledness that I have no need to celebrate my birthday with elaborate plans- I celebrate every day in many small ways- I celebrate myself. This years birthday wish was a hike out at Deep Cove- thanks to the weather that was put on hold- so a fresh pair of Optic White All Stars, a latte and a wonder around Granville Island happened instead. It was the perfect way to celebrate 38!

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