Thursday, January 9, 2014

When In Berkley

         On our final day of vacation we were all feeling quite tiered and really just wanted to be back home- so we sought out familiar places. The Littles were feeling a bit wild and needed to burn off some steam and so the Mr. found a park full of other kids for them to rip around in- just what the Dr. ordered! Cesar Chavez Park was just the perfect place to have one last look at San Francisco- all be it through the famous fog.

          No family vacation for us is complete with out a trip to an over the top donut shop- we found King Pin Donuts just off campus near the University of California. These were some pretty amazing donuts- I had some sort of buttermilk- maple- praline concoction that was seriously out of this world! We just hung out at the pic nic tables snacking away on our treats and people watching- interesting that even during winter break the university area was still busy.

       We made one final stop which was the Mr.s choice- to the campus of Pixar- even though we couldn't get in and the campus is heavily secured it was really cool to walk around the parameter and take it all in. Yes there is a giant Pixar lamp just at the entrance- as well as giant Sea Gulls from Finding Nemo perched atop the buildings. It was really cool to know that some of our favourite family movies are being made with in these very walls.

      Even now almost a week and a half after arriving home I still can't believe we went- our big adventure seems so far away- the warm California weather a dream! Looking back at our pictures and remembering the excitement that went along with those moments is what will keep us going through these dark, rainy days of January- that and starting to plan our next family adventure!

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