Friday, January 24, 2014

On A Friday

      On this Friday the fog is swirling so low that it is wrapping around between the buildings of our city- muffled fog horns sound from a few blocks away and I have decided to curl up with a second coffee. This has been one busy and intense week- lots of emotions- lots of night time wakings from our little ones- they claim nightmares- I blame the fog horns. Its that broken sleep that is bringing all the emotional behavior to the table and so as Mum I've been digging down deep to find extra reserves of patience- as they say "thank goodness it's Friday"!

    In addition to a lack of sleep I have been racing to meet two big deal lines- so I have been putting any extra energy into my work- pillows galore! I am very excited about that is happening in my studio- AKA kitchen table- lots of yummy natural linens, indigo Ikats and striped Japanese gauzes! I work well with a deadline- in University I thrived on deadlines- cramming for exams or under the gun to finish a gallery installation. The difference between University me and current me is that my time is spread so much thinner- I can already feel I am overextending myself -so if you happen to be one of my regular coffee dates and I disappear for a bit just know I am probably buried under a pile of gorgeous linen and colourful threads.

      As you may have read in my previous posts I don't usually make New Years Resolutions- however I am beginning to see the necessity to lay out a plan for myself for the coming year. I'm turning 38 years old this year- yup 38 and I'm good with aging- I can feel the grace and wisdom I craved as a young woman starting to seep into my soul- what I am not good with is whatever it is my body is doing to me! So I think I need to learn how to balance out my time between my family, myself and my business- and if there is any leftover time the dirty dishes! My big challenge lies in separating creating for pleasure and creating for work- I need to find something creative to do just for fun- something to take my mind off Plain Jane.

    It's tough to make that separation when you work from home- often folks will assume because I'm working from home that I'm not doing anything. Someone recently asked me besides being a Mum what is it that I do all day long? I could rant all day long about how being a stay at home Mum is one of the busiest jobs ever- throw in a full time small business and you will see there is not a tonne of time left to relax in my day. While it's true I have lots of flexibility in my day- I can do school pick up- I can go to a yoga class- I can go for the occasional coffee- what few people see is me still sitting at the sewing machine at 11:00 at night. So this is the separation and balance I seek to make happen in my days- currently things are wildly out of balance.

    Anyways it is Friday dear Friends- I am so happy- by the end of today one of my two deadlines will have been met and I can relax a tiny bit- I have a bottle of wine waiting for me in the fridge! In our neck of the woods the weather is looking fine for the next few days- no rain so to speak- if you need me look to the paths of the forests as I trying to catch my breath there! Happy Friday Friends!

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