Monday, January 27, 2014

Field Trip: Larrabee State Park

         Ever since we returned home from our holidays at Christmas our family has been bit by the travel bug- obsessively checking travel deals and seat sales- planning for the coming year- right now however we are smack dab in the middle of the school year. So we do the next best thing- start venturing a bit further afield for little day trips- hoping the change in scenery will scratch that travel itch! This weekend the sun was finally breaking through the clouds and so we decided to head over the boarder and check out a park in Washington state that friends had suggested to us- Larrabee State Park just outside Bellingham.

         No day is ever perfect but this was as close to perfect as we could ask for- once the Littles stopped bickering and noticed there were lots of cool things to explore things went pretty smoothly. The Boy has decided he wants to rock climb so much of his time was spent on the gentle sandstone cliffs surrounding the beach- with the Mr. close at hand to spot- of course! It amazes me how this boy has grown- not just physically but emotionally- over the past month or so- he is much more willing to try new things and to tackle bigger challenges- like rock climbing- he has fallen and gotten back up- my not-so- little guy!

         The sandstone at Larrabee is amazing- mini caves carved out of the stone by the relentless power of the waves- making the perfect hiding spot for boys! Both of our Littles found special spots to curl up in- they played with other kids- exploring tidal pools and watching for seals- which we did see! Starfish and shells are always exciting business- again joining other kids down on the beach to "rescue" starfish that had been washed up.

      Incidentally Larrabee State Park is almost 100 years old- having been founded in 1915. A picnic and BBQ shelter as well as very clean bathrooms and a bandstand are in the main grassy field of the day use area- along with a small but very fun playground structure! We took a look around the campsites and they look really quite nice- well set back from the road- we did notice though that similar to Porteau Cove- a train runs right by the campground. Hiking and mountain bike trains run through out the park, a quiet, shallow bay offers prime marine viewing for kayakers- there really is something for everyone.

          Days like this are balm for the soul- moving our bodies outside in the fresh air and sunshine- a rare gift at this time of year on the West Coast. Often when life in the city gets overwhelming I start to day dream of times just like the ones spent at Larrabee- plotting and planning our next close to home family adventure! At least until school is out!

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