Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Studio Update

         Often I get so carried away creating new items that I forget to post or write about them- often they don't even make it into my online shop- gasp! Try as I might this is one area of my studio practice I really need to work on- this is my goal for 2014- become better organized at the business side of my studio practice! It is easy to make great things and to stand at markets peddling your wares however- realistically- if your online presence is not sorted then opportunities are missed. As I find my business growing this is the one area I really need to focus on.

      Since stepping back into the studio a few weeks ago I have been busy pulling together samples for the upcoming Vancouver Farmers Market jury committee- I am super nervous about this as the standards are very high. A quiet voice in the back of my mind will even admit that I am a bit scared but at this point I have committed to having my work go in front of a jury so the only way to go is forward.

   I'm dabbling around with a few new- to me- products- including switching over to a beautiful blend of merino wool and silk thread from Maiwa Handprints Studio- I am in love with this thread! It creates a chunkier- crewel type stitch rather than a fine embroidery stitch- which I just love the look of- much more graphic. Also I have a number of new handmade Ikat fabrics that I am backing my pillows with- I am jumping on the Indigo bandwagon- it is a hue that is so earthy and soothing a person can't help but love it. Working with new materials always helps to energize my work- gets me excited about sitting down with a project- letting the textiles come to life in my hands.

     I am excited to say that I will be adding a couple of new items to my Plain Jane Designs Etsy shop today- I feel the Etsy shop is looking a bit sparse after pretty much selling out over the holiday season (yay!) and so I'm breathing some new life into it today. As always all items will also be posted on my Facebook page- fee free to pop over and have a gander- show some love and give me a like if you feel so inclined! Meanwhile look forward to a few changes here in this space as I struggle to bring this whole- wonderful - crazy thing together!

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