Monday, January 20, 2014

Crafternoon: Jelly Fish

        Yet another weekend has come and gone far too fast- this past weekend we had the Mr.'s parents in town for a short visit. We did what a large number of other families did this weekend and headed to the Vancouver Aquarium to get in on the Luminescence exhibition before it closes this coming week. Our Littles love a visit to the Aquarium and were super excited to show Oma and Opa around to all their favourite spots- the big winner on this visit was obviously the jelly fish!

      Come Monday morning with a suddenly empty and very quiet apartment Miss Lo was a bit sad and looking around for something to do- I threw in a load of laundry and we sat down to make this fancy- yet easy- jelly fish while talking about our favourite parts of the weekend. This little project is so easy- you will need a sheet of heavy card stock, a couple of colours of tissue paper and multi coloured yarn.

      To begin place a dinner plate onto the paper and trace around half- this half circle will give you the jelly fish body- cut out jelly fish body. Cut enough squares of tissue paper to cover the half circle- our squares are about 2 inches by 2 inches- glue down the tissue squares so the colours overlap creating a multi dimensional colouring. Cut multiple lengths of wool - we used about 3 pieces per grouping- punch five holes along the bottom of the jelly fish body. Thread the wool through the holes to create dangling tentacles- hang at varied lengths just like on the real jelly fish.

     Sometimes after a super fun and busy weekend a little bit of quiet crafting with Momma is just what every four year old needs- the opportunity to sit and talk to them about what their favourite part of the weekend can be priceless. I often feel like The Boy is so grown up- I realise he is only turning six- but the time is just speeding by so quickly. I am going to try and hang onto Miss Lo just a little longer- savour our time together before she heads off to school- part of that is grabbing moments like today- just sitting down and making some jelly fish!

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