Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hot Chocolate From Scratch

        This time of year can always be a bit tricky to get through- and getting through January is just what we all need to do- dealing with the post Holiday slump- or in our case the post travel slump- as well as the chilly, dark weather is not always easy. One of our coping methods is to indulge in our favourite treats and for us right now that is home made hot chocolate with whipped cream every day after school. The promise of a petite serving of warm, chocolaty goodness is just what we need to get those little legs to walk one more block after such a long day at school!

  Hot Chocolate

8 ounces of semi sweet chocolate- broken into pieces
4 cups milk- 2% or better yields the best Hot Chocolate
3 teaspoons powdered sugar- or 1 packet of Vanilla sugar*
a dash of vanilla
a dash of cinnamon

- place milk in a heavy bottomed sauce pan and warm to a low simmer- whisk occasionally so as not to scorch the milk- add in small pieces of chocolate and whisk quickly until it chocolate is completely melted- whisk in sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Top with Maple whipped creme and enjoy!

Maple Whipped Creme

- just as it sounds!
1/2  a litre of good quality whipping creme
1-2 teaspoons real Maple syrup

- whip in a mixer or with a hand blender until peaks start to form

* Vanilla sugar is something that is often called for in my Mother In Laws recipes- I had never found it on the grocery shelves until a stop at the German market- but it is essentially vanilla flavoured powdered sugar- but sweeter.

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