Friday, January 17, 2014

Crafternoon: Mini Puppets

         Around these parts we are big fans of Washi tape- I know for sure some folks will be asking what on earth is Washi tape- Mom I'm thinking of you! Washi tape is colourful, patterned, low tack masking tape- I like to use Washi to tack up the kid's art work around the house as it is non marking. Washi tape is available in practically any colour or pattern you can wish for and adds cuteness to any project- big or small. For this little craft my Girly and I chose to use Washi tape as "clothes" for Popsicle stick puppets.

         For this project all you will need is a couple of different colours of Washi tape, markers and large sized Popsicle sticks. Select one colour of Washi tape for the bottoms - skirt, pants, bikini ( Miss Lo made a bunch of puppets in bikinis), simply wrap a small piece of the Washi tape around the Popsicle stick. Next select a colour of Washi tape for the puppets top, wrap the top of the Popsicle stick to create the shirt. Once your puppet is clothed you can add it's features on with marker- hair, eyes, smile, glasses- we also gave a few of our puppets Washi tape hats.

        The nice thing about using Washi tape for a small project like this is that it tears very easily- scissors are not needed- unless you have an insistent four year old who likes to cut things into tiny pieces- then by all means use scissors! This is a great little project to take with you for travel or to a restaurant- it's a project that once set up the Littles can just work away on their own . In no time at all you will have assembled a motley cast of puppets- perfect for any sort of imaginative adventures!

        Friends it is Friday again- although it might be foggy right this second we are for casted to have a beautiful, sunny weekend- so if you need me just look to the farmers market, hiking trails or beaches of Vancouver- that's where we will be! Happy Friday Friends!

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