Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finding The Beauty in January

            It can be hard to believe some days but there is beauty to be found in January- in puddles and small feet stomping- in the fog swirling about- in the stone grey water of an ultra high tide at the shore. Beauty is all around us we just have to stop and look up for a minute or two. I find that after the New Year folks are so full of focus and determination that often this first month of the year goes by in a blur- I know I am guilty of putting my head down and getting on with my "to do" list- neglecting to enjoy the beauty that is going on around me daily.

       Here we find ourselves at the end of January- the first month of 2014 almost put to bed and I realize that there are changes happening all around me- the days are noticeably longer- we now have day light after school in which to hit the park for a quick scooter ride. The bulbs- planted by city workers months ago- have awoken and are poking through the soil - reaching for the sun and seasonal glory. The sap has started to move in the trees- turning the tips of branches red and forcing new buds to appear. All is this the magical promise of Spring- longer, warmer days.

      So too can I see changes in my children that I might have missed had I not looked up from my tasks- pants too short at the ankle indicate they are each in the midst of yet another growth spurt. The Boy- who is almost 6- is starting to be more aware of the larger world at hand- currently interested in flags and countries- coming to me with statements and questions that I am shocked and amazed at. I am only shocked because to me he is still a blond two year old with a soother sticking out the side of his mouth- I understand how Mothers tend to treat their adult offspring like children. It is still so surprising to me that a few short years ago he was a brand new babe and now he can get snacks for himself and his sister, pour milk with out spilling(sometimes), make his own bed, speak French, write his name, take apart a door frame- amazing to think that how quickly children grow and learn. Science is cool.

     January may be grey, foggy and rainy- there may be no big spectacular Holidays to celebrate- but there is something spectacular and beautiful happening all around right now. Things are waking up- children are growing- the days are getting longer. Beauty is all around us- so lets celebrate just because and make the days a little brighter!



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