Monday, January 13, 2014

A Peek at Our Weekend

            This weekend was supposed to be a weekend where nothing remarkable happened- a completely boring- do nothing sorta time- and that is exactly what it was but it turned out far from unremarkable! We spent most of our weekend immersed in domestic adventures such as cooking and then washing all the subsequent dishes- tucked in out of the rain. By Saturday afternoon however we were all getting a bit restless and decided to bundle up and venture out. We made our way to the Seabus and over to Lonsdale Quay- home of the Lonsdale Market- simple.

           We rarely find ourselves at the Lonsdale quay- we haven't been in quite some time and were delighted to find a number of changes and new shops have popped up. Including a new-to us- craft brewery- Green Leaf. We sampled and lingered at the bar- the Littles more than content to play on the vintage scale- weighing them selves with and with out their back packs. We paid a visit to the candy shop for a few treats- we had a coffee- bought some tasty treats for dinner- jumped in a few puddles and caught the Seabus home. Such a simple yet fun adventure right in our own back yard- often we get caught up in avoiding places like Lonsdale Quay but really at this time of year there are very few tourists- just a few other locals looking to stretch their legs while staying dry!

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