Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow Day!

          Please excuse my super late post this morning- but it is snowing and the snow is sticking! Downtown Vancouver this is a major weather event- we live only a few blocks from the ocean and so while most of the upper levels of this fair city will get a dusting or two of snow a year we rarely do. So it was with great excitement that Miss Lo and I set out to wander Gastown for a bit this morning- I am just as excited as my Littles- then again I don't drive!

        Gastown is a magical place regardless of time of year but there is something so very special about seeing our neighbourhood receiving a fresh coat of snow- mostly untouched- the historical brick buildings catching the snow on their ledges. The first day it snows downtown every person passing us by has a smile on their faces- it is the most perfect of Christmas magic with the lights, trees and now snow!

         It has been so cold here- which I know will make many of my friends and family across Canada laugh- but it has been cold! The snow today sort of makes up for the crisp, freezing cold weather- almost like a bit of a reward! I know it is fleeting and is barely sticking around now- so if you need us today we will be outside- catching snowflakes on our tongues and trying to make a snowball!

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