Friday, December 6, 2013

Simple Family Friday:Stocking Stuffers

         In our family we love Christmas- but for us the best part about the whole day has always been about the stockings. My sister and I loved to get up early and dive into our stockings before breakfast- and we still do- our parents have always done really good stocking- that's where the good stuff like packs of gum and candy were to be found! So it is with this fond childhood memory of thoughtful goodies stuffed down into the toes of our stockings that I am turning my thoughts towards my own children's Christmas stockings- as well as their boots- which will be put out tonight for St. Nicolas of course!

          Trying to be mindful of what we bring into our home while still providing the Littles with the goodies they crave can be challenging- so I thought I would share my list of favourite stocking stuffers for the Littles- although I feel like almost anyone would enjoy any number of these treats! I'm keeping it simple as per usual- but simple doesn't mean thoughtless- a great deal of thought goes into keeping things simple!

- small edible goodies- this seems like a no-brainer but keep it local- hit the Farmer's Market for some yummy, sustainable chocolates, beef jerky or peperoni- or cave aged Greyer- cause who doesn't like cheese in their stocking!

- small pots of honey, jams or Nutella- yumm and perfect to eat immediately with breakfast!

- art supplies- a fresh pack of soy crayons, glue sticks, fancy pencil sharpener- tape- OK this might be a bit weird but The Boy is getting a roll of his own masking tape in his stocking- he is really into building stuff right now and keeps stealing my tape- so he's getting his own!

- colouring books and other creative activity books- our favourites are from a local company called Draw Me A Lion- this year they have come out with a DIY flag book- so fun!

- socks- this is my Mom's tradition- we always get socks in our stockings

-  seeds! Visit your local gardening centre and pick up some seeds to start in the window come March- we like Strathcona 1890 Urban Seeds or West Coast Seeds- keeping an eye out for Heritage, non- GMO seeds is key!

- beads- OK the parents may not like this but I don't know a gal who doesn't enjoy getting some new beads to make beautiful jewelry with!

- of course we always have a traditional orange in the toe

- books- we read chapter books as a family together and these fit nicely into stockings- this year Jacob Two Two and the Hooded Fang is going into the Boy's stocking!

- Hair pretties- new elastics, hair clips or hair bands are always good

- a tin mug for camping- hot chocolate packs snug inside- tea would also be good

      These are just some of my most recent ideas of what might go into our Little's stockings and boots- realistically there will also probably be Lego and stickers- but I think like most things in life a little balance is needed. I would love to hear some of your ideas for stocking stuffers! Does anyone else celebrate St. Nicolas? What's going in your child's boot?

      Friends it is Friday once again- this weekend will be filled with family and fun for us- my parents are on their way here right now- we will be gathering to celebrate the arrival of Lovely Cousin Laura's new baby- showering her with love. I hope your weekend is filled with warmth and joy- Happy Friday Friends!

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