Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thrifted Thursday

         This weeks Thrifted Thursday score is super exciting to me- I am a lover of mail- weird perhaps- but I love getting mail and feel there is a bit of romance surrounding actual letters. Remember mail- handwritten letters and cards that arrive in your mail box- put there by a real live person? Yeah mail. So when I was at the Urban Market a few weeks ago and spotted a vintage Canadian mail bag I jumped on it- when thrifting there is no time to think- if you spot a gem you must snap it up- there is no walking away and thinking about it- the very thought of that fills me with anxiety!

       The canvas on the bag is perfectly worn- aged to the perfect patina- all the while remaining sturdy and strong- no visible rends. I could only image the love letters it carried, the bad news contained with in, the birthday cards and bills- always the bills! Which made this the obvious candidate for a make over from mail sack to tote bag!

       I had two sets of leather handles from Merchant & Mills London on hand and it took awhile for me to decide on placement- in the end I went with a single cross body strap as I felt this would be the most used option. With eight simple rivets and a hammer this little project was done in no time flat!

         This "new" tote does not disappoint- it is the perfect solution to my yoga mat, umbrella, lunch kit conundrum! Moms always end up carrying everyone's stuff home after school- into the bag it goes! I love that it is deep enough to accommodate my yoga mat and I can keep my hands deep in warm pockets on my way to class! 

          When heading out on a thrifting or vintage expedition you never know what you are going to stumble across- this serendipity is what I so love about thrifting- the thrill of the hunt! I would never have thought I would come across such a find- now I have a unique tote bag. Going out with an open mind and being flexible in your finds leads to a uniquely curated collection- in a world of sameness your unique style can stand out!

PS- thank you friend Erin for snapping these pics of me post yoga last week!


  1. Might be able to source you some more, I'll have to check with my connection! :)

    1. Haha- the kids were playing mailman yesterday- "you know just like Kris"!


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