Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY Gifts For Girls: Pinwheel Barrettes

        There is no body else I love crafting for than girls- little girls or my grown up girl friends- girls just get it- they love the sentiment behind a good handmade gift. So it's only natural that the next gift on my DIY gift extravaganza be for the little girls in my life! These cute little felt hair clips are a great way to use up scrap fabric in your stash and come together quick as a wink.

The Goods:

scrap fabric
fusible interfacing
hair clips
hot glue
needle and thread

The Dealio:

Step 1- with the hot glue cover the hair clip with a small piece of ribbon- just on the top side

Step 2- cut felt,fabric and fusible interfacing to the same size of 3" x 3" square- fuse the three items together with a hot iron to form one still piece of fabric- patterned on one side and felt on the other.

Step 3- starting at the corners cut towards the centre of the square but not quite the entire way across

 Step 4- taking one corner of the square- fold in towards centre- fold in all four corners and secure in the middle with a stitch- sew on button to cover the sewn centre- tie off thread on the back of the pinwheel

Step - again using the hot glue gun secure the fabric pinwheel to the front ribbon covered side of the barrette.

         Friends it is Friday again! This weekend I am so looking forward to my final craft market of the year- Maternal Creations - I think this will be the perfect place to start a little shopping of my own for Christmas! Happy Friday Friends!

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