Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Late November

          Here we find ourselves smack in the middle of late November- I really don't know how we got here- I blinked and September and October is long gone. Late November in Vancouver often means rain- lots of rain- but this year has been an exceptional November- very dry- often with blue skies. But it is cold- the dry cold that these bones have forgotten about and I go about perpetually wrapped in layers of wool clothing warding off a chill.

       My Littles are also not very well equiped to deal with this cold, dry weather- their poor little faces chapped- lips starting to crack and peel. Their winter coats weigh heavily on their little bodies as we pile on the Momma made wollens- hats, scarves, mitts. When I pick The Boy up from school it can be guaranteed his coat will be hanging askew- mitts and hat in his back pack- scarf trailing behind him along the ground. My children seem to be impervious to cold.

           The Winter Solstice is less that a month away- soon longer days will be returning- with it the sun will start to warm us again. Although I may be cold I am so aware that this time- late November time- is a time for resting- nesting and enjoying indoor pursuits- a quiet time for Holiday preparations and reflection. Soon our decorations will be coming out to brighten up the apartment and the quiet giggles of Holiday secrets will start to be heard from my little elves. There really is something ever so special about this time- late November time.

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  1. We had to go out and buy long johns! Kris is still wearing shorts to work but with the long johns (he's refusing to give in yet). Warmer mitts than the fleece, heavy duty winter boots. We stood outside for almost two hours in -12 weather to watch a Santa Clause parade. Oh and the dry dryness of skin, lips from the indoor heat or the cold winds. So much forgotten about the winter weather after the years and years of living in wet Vancouver. I'm still shaking my head but we had a small snowfall yesterday that melted today. It has been cold. Wish we could join you in sunny warm California! -t


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