Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crafternoon: Gnomes

               There really is nothing like a trip to our favourite little art store- Collage Collage- to get the creative juices flowing! Ten dollars will get you a bag of small craft supplies that afford hours of engagement and fun- which is especially important when it is too dark to go to the park after school! Yesterday was such a day- Miss Lo and I picked out a few projects to work on- first up all was these cute little peg dolls.

               These wee little wooden folks were given a bit of a make over and turned into winter gnomes- to be hung by their hats by golden ribbons. Super simple to make with just a bit of paint and a swath of wool felt. To start select a colour to paint the body- we used Martha Stewart's satin colours- the Littles gave each figure two coats of paint- nice and smoothly.

               Then it was time to make these wee little wooden folks some clothes- so with Momma wielding the sewing scissors the Littles art directed and instructed me in their colour choices- simple lengths of wool felt wrapped around the base of each gnome became their robes and a circle of felt was turned and glued into a hat through which the ribbon for hanging was threaded. Everything was glued in place with white glue and left to dry- an adult or older child could also use a hot glue gun*.

               It's been decided that we need to make more of these enchanting little gnomes- so simple and so lovely- they will be the perfect addition to our tree if the Little ever decide to part with them! What I especially love about this entire project is that aside- from the cost of under four dollars- was working with the materials- I love making miniatures and working with wood and wool felt is so tactile and just honest- perfect for our humble tree!

* I did use the hot glue gun to tack on the hats as they will be hanging from a tree- if you skip the step with the ribbon and just make gnomes for playing this is hardly needed and white glue will do just fine!


  1. Very cute! Imiss sourcing out supplies from Collage Collage and Urban Source haven't quite found anything like them in our new home for supplies. Looking forward to seing your next project. -t

    1. Tannis- Im planning on going back to Collage Collage this weekend- I will pick up a couple of peg doll blanks for you and throw them in your ever expanding package- that I really will mail out next week! I promise!! It's full of Vancouver goodies- designed to make you homesick!

    2. If only you could mail beer that's all I want from my Vancouver Santa some Whistler beer. The mail man says you should hurry. I never thought I would see the day that Kris came home with Coors, as the selection here is pathetic, so pathetic I won't even go into the beer store. ;)

    3. Haha- can you mail beer? We were just talking about the pros & cons of shipping beer !

    4. Ps- I promise when we eventually come to visit we will load the van up with all sorts of goodies!!

    5. The mailman says 'yes and no' you can but it's against the law and it's a crap shoot with a parcel containing glass liquid. I do remember receiving a care package for xmas from my dad that contained red wine and liquors but that was 20 yrs ago. It would be heavy and cost alot unfortunately. I have a mail bag for you but you can pm me about it, etc.


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