Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DIY Candles in Jars

          This is one of my all time favourite gifts to make and give- or keep- I am a big lover of candles and their light in the middle of this dark season brings such comfort and joy- making this a natural DIY gift for friends and other loved ones. The supplies needed are relatively easy to gather- a quick trip to the craft store will yield both natural beeswax and cotton candle wick- be sure to make sure it is lead free.

Supplies Needed:

interesting glass vessels like vintage jars
bees wax- either block or pellet form- about 1/2 pound
cotton wick
essential oils of your choice
a pencil
a clean, empty can

What To Do:

- place bees wax in the clean, empty metal can- if you have a block of bees wax you may have to smash it up to fit in the can. Place the can containing the bees wax in a small sauce pan of water on the stove- using medium heat bring the water to a boil- melting the wax in the can- never leave this project unattended!

- cut a length of cotton wicking to length- measure against the side of your glass jar and add a couple of inches- dip the cut piece of wick into the melted wax coating the entire thing- pull out wick and make a slight bend in the top- hang wick over a pencil that is balanced across the jar- allowing the end of the wick to dangle into the jar

-once the wax is fully melted add in any essential oils you love- I added lavender as it's my favourite- a couple of drops goes a very long way- carefully- using hot mitts pour the hot wax mixture into the jar- being careful to avoid moving the wick

- carefully place the new candle in a bath of hot water - this prevents the candle from cracking or dipping in the middle- the wax and surrounding water cool at a slower rate allowing for a perfect candle!

- trim wick to about half and inch

- add snazzy, hand made label

- add a cute package of vintage matches and there you have a great gift- perfect for a girlfriend, hostess or Mother In Law!

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