Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Gifts for The Green Guru

Knitted Wide Mouth Mason Jar Sleeve

       Now I know by now everyone is like so over the mason jar trend- but I love it and I still drink my hot beverages to go out of one- so does my Mr! Conventional travel mugs are a bit dodgy- the paint on the last two we had actually peeled right off- not to mention the fact that we are trying not to buy more disposable items- which travel mugs still kinda are. So we started using a humble Mason jar- with the addition of a Cuppow it really is the perfect drinking vessel. The only issue lie in the extreme heat that is conducted through the glass onto the fingers- it was with this in mind that I knit up this handy little jar sleeve.

     This is the perfect beginner project for a novice knitter wanting to learn to knit in the round in addition to being the perfect yarn stash buster- use up all those scraps and half skeins that are hanging about. I really have no idea what the wool is that I used- something bought years ago from my favourite yarn store on Granville Island- it's very nubby and feels hand spun.

one set of four double pointed
needles- size US 6(4mm)

stitch marker

Sleeve: Cast On 36 stitches. Join together for working in the round- being careful not to twist stitches- place marker at the beginning of the round

Knit 1, purl 1 to make edged ribbing- k1,p1 for 3 rounds

Change to stocking stitch and work evenly until the piece measures about 3 inches from the beginning (stitch marker)

Knit 1, purl 1 to make another ribbed edge-k1,p1 for 3 rounds 

Bind off loosely and weave in tails- remove stitch marker

      Each sleeve takes about an hour to complete making this a perfect, easy little gift for any enviro savvy coffee drinker on your Holiday list. To make an extra special gift fill the Mason jar with a favourite tea, small packet of coffee or cookies- top with a Cuppow and add some ribbon- instant gift! Happy knitting Knit Wit!

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