Monday, November 25, 2013

California Dreaming- er Sewing

      OK so first off the awesome big news that our family will be spending the holidays in California- we are very excited and yes we will be going to Disney Land but if you see us in person please do not mention it as our Littles think we are just going to visit our friends- which we will be doing as well! What I'm saying is Disney is a surprise! So very exciting but when I started to take a look at the kid's warm weather clothes- that fit just a couple of short months ago- they now do not fit at all!

      A bit of emergency sewing is in order for all of us- Miss Lo was up first- only because I happened to have something mid way finished- these cute little capri pants fit the bill- sewn out of some reclaimed chambray they will be perfect for "winter" weather in California. Next up is the sweet little Ofelia dress from Figgy's patters- this is such an easy and satisfying dress to sew up- and I happen to have a couple of yards of this double weight gauze from Etsuko Furuya- love the fox!

     It's been quite awhile since I sewed any Momma made goods for this Littles of mine- so time spent in between wrapping up custom orders will be found to make a few fresh, new things for our big trip. I'm diving into my fabric stash and trying to use up what I have on hand- it's no secret what a fabric hoarder I am! And maybe- just maybe- if I'm lucky this Momma will even get something made for herself- Christmas miracle really do happen!

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