Friday, November 29, 2013

Simple Family Friday

          To me nothing says winter like strapping on a pair of skates - I am instantly transported back to being a child as soon as my skates hit the fresh ice. When I'm skating there is nothing that can bother me- it's just me- with the cold wind on my cheeks- going around in circles- occasionally trying out some fancy moves- totally blissed out- it's a Zen state of mind.

        When we were kids our neighbourhood had a rink at the top of our street- at the Peachland Riding Club- conditions had to be just right for the rink to open as it was outdoors. We would hurry home from the bus, grab our skates and run up the street to skate until dinner- the ice rink was like the unofficial club house for the neighbourhood kids in winter- hot chocolate that instantly burned your tongue could be had for fifty cents- red licorice for a nickel.

          It was on the ice that my sister and learned what our Mom must have been like as a girl- she was in our eyes a figure skater- she did a fancy cross over with her feet when cornering and could skate back wards. To us she was the best skater ever in her puffy kelly green winter coat- glasses slightly figged up- Beret just askew a tad- Kleenex tucked up her sleeve if we needed one.

          I don't remember ever being hurried off the ice ever- often we could extend our skating time way past dinner time- walking home in the dark through patches of street light. Coming inside with our hands and feet so cold they hurt- our cheeks burning as we pealed off the layers and hung them to dry by the wood stove. We liked to pick off the chunks of snow from our wool mitts and put them on the stove to sizzle- watching the snow melt and then the puddles evaporate.

       As an adult living on the coast I have often sought out the closest ice rink over the years- it wasn't until last year though that skating started to make a regular occurrence in our lives. The Littles discovered how much fun it is to power yourself over the smooth ice- around and round in circles to the tune of rink music. As a family this is one of the most affordable outings we can participate in- our local rink is free if you have your own skates.

      So my simple family Friday suggestion for this week is to spend some time on the ice this coming week- skate rentals are so inexpensive- grab a helmet if you haven't skated in a while. Forget about making a fool of yourself and just skate- it is ever so magical! Friends as mentioned it's Friday - I hope your heart is warm and your cheeks are frosty- head outside and have some fun! Happy Friday!


  1. I remember skating there too, except for us, it felt so far up the hill! Did you use the wooden chairs too, to skate with? Remember the winter fests they'd have, with the snow sculpture contests? I thought it was so cool when they'd use spay bottles of coloured water to colour the snow. So high tech!

    1. haha- I do remember the snow sculptures and the spray bottles of coloured water! So high tech!


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