Monday, October 21, 2013

Under The Weather

      Good Morning Friends- After a very busy weekend I woke up this morning with a killer head cold- so I am a bit late in posting- in fact I considered not posting at all this morning- but that didn't feel right. So just a short hello this morning before I curl up on the couch with my girlie to indulge in some kid's television programing- nothing is better for the common cold than some Adventure Time With Finn and Jake!

      Of course as the Momma I am always so busy taking care of everyone else that I am sure to cross paths with a sneeze or two- well sure enough in a gross Mommy moment The Boy sneezed into my mouth the other day- I knew instantly the exact moment of contamination from patient zero. Now non parents or new parents might find this insanely disgusting- but veteran parent's of young kids know this is our reality- having another human sneeze into your mouth really does happen. No matter what preventative measure parents take- washing your hands so much they become raw and cracked, setting out to get lots of rest only to be distracted by just one more episode of Elementary or Bones, taking your daily multi vitamins when you remember and eating lots of healthy meals that allegedly boost the immune system- it is inevitable that just at the most inconvenient time you will get sneezed in the mouth.

     Once this happens you know- you just know- how sick you are going to get- and you will pause for a beat and think "I don't have time to get sick"! The next few hours are crucial- get what you need to get done now and fast before your body crashes- because when Momma's crash they crash hard and are down and out. My approach for surviving today is anything but conventional considering my normal routine- I am going to head this thing off at the pass- I am going to get lots of rest now- forget about the laundry and dishes- this Momma is going back to bed- OK well the couch!


  1. BAH HA HA! I laugh because while my kids have not sneezed in my mouth they have puked in my mouth. Joy! I know the feeling though of "oh gawd I do not have time for this!" I have my Mama gets well NOW blend of something fermented (kombucha, kefir, saurkraut, something!) many shots of elderberry syrup, spoonfuls of raw honey, and spicy green tea. (make this, so good, green tea, fresh grated ginger, squeeze of lemon and a spoonful of local raw honey- or two, then a dash of cayenne. It'll knock your socks off and your cold out, plus it's delicious!)

    1. I have been chugging Kombucha this morning as well I just had a big jar of green tea & lemon & honey- next time I will add the ginger & cayenne! Thanks for the tip!

      Ps- one of them barfed in your mouth? That is groddy


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