Friday, October 18, 2013

Simple Family Friday

Planting Garlic

       I think I have written enough here about how much garlic we use at our house- I just love it- garlic is my favourite spice. While my parents grow the majority of the garlic we enjoy throughout the year I do still grow some in pots on our deck- I wasn't going to plant any this year but after the encouragement of a friend I decided to do it again this year. I do enjoy fresh garlic scape pesto with ingredients from our own deck- talk about zero mile!

    So my simple tip for today is to go plant some garlic- now- as in today as it is a full moon- gardening lore states that garlic planted at a full moon grows abundantly. You may be wondering how to plant garlic- you might think it seems a bit tricky- something to do with bulbs. The seed garlic can either be purchased as "seed garlic" at the garden centre or you can plant any organic garlic you happen to have on hand- as long as it is organic and has not been sprayed with any fungicides.

   To plant your garlic in pots think about gardening in a square foot- you can fit about four garlics to a square foot- leaving a solid four inches between each clove. The larger the clove planted the larger the bulb produced. Dig a small hole about two inches deep and place garlic clove in with the foot- or flat end- facing down and the pointy end facing up- cover with soil and water.

    This is the perfect winter crop as it is planted and then left for 7-8 months until harvest. In Canada it is ideal to plant garlic about three weeks before the frost to ensure the roots get a start but no green grows through the soil. I love sitting in my living room in the depths of winter and looking out onto our deck- most of the plants are sleeping- anything that over winters like the Hostas are cut down- but knowing the garlic is out there just waiting for spring makes me think of longer, warmer days.

"A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat"
New York saying

     Friends it is Friday again- I can't believe the weekend is upon us! We have some big plans to hit the final Farmer's Market of the season at Trout Lake- stock up on a few goodies! Hope your weekend is full of warm scarves and dry shoes! Happy Friday!

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