Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thrifted Thursday

                  I have decided there is a lot I don't really like about Fall this year- usually I like the changing  of the seasons and the crisp- sunny- weather- but this year there is no sun- just rain. I'm also not a fan of our new schedule- I'm not an early riser by nature and certainly do not enjoy having to hustle everyone out the door into that rain. OK so complaining aside- the one of the things I am enjoying about this Fall is my newly thrifted vest! Found at my favourite thrift store- Community Thrift and Vintage on Carrol St- just the other day during one of those walks to the school for pick up.

                I'm loving the super retro vibe that is having a moment right now- this vest reminds me of something my Dad used to wear when we were kids- every weekend in the fall our entire family would head out into the forest to collect firewood for the winter- this usually involved some sort of forced child labour. I remember my crunchy grass and leaves, filtered sunlight, wasps, blue sky with bright yellow birch leaves- I remember hanging out by the van eating sandwiches and drinking hot tea.

             Obviously when I saw this vest I could not pass it up! Community Thrift and Vintage is stocked full of great retro gear right now- everything from chunky cable knit sweaters to super soft cashmere- and I can't even talk about the fantastic vintage Hudson Bay blankets. It is taking everything in my being not to run back over there and snag one! Incidentally a few other items in this outfit are thrifted- the boots- yes Hunter boots that I thrifted last fall. My scarf is not so much thrifted but inherited- it was my Mom's scarf when she was in high school- so it is authentically vintage- and so cute- it's my favourite!

            So I may be grumpy about early mornings and the rain- oh the rain- I miss Summer- but at least I can look cozy while slogging my way through the wet streets of Vancouver. Thank you to my friend Andrea for snapping this quick pic of me yesterday afternoon- and yes I know my eyes look weird- I think I was talking- of course!


  1. I was just telling my kids about how we used to go out and get firewood. Now they think I lived in Pioneer Times!! Such good memories.

    1. Haha- yeah my kids think we lived in a cabin in the middle of the forest ! They forest bit is right!


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