Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plain Jane Heritage Collection

         I have been working on this little side project for a few weeks now and I am so excited to announce the start of my new line for Plain Jane- the Heritage Collection. Each item in the collection is crafted from 100% linen and co-ordinating organic cotton- details like hand embroidery and leather accents are what makes these pieces special. A story accompanies each Heritage Collection piece- a piece of my childhood come to life in sturdy, useful textiles for the home.

      The Plain Jane linen teat towel has gotten a bit of a makeover- the same gorgeous, heavy linen but in natural shades with more simple prints with some of fall's most iconic images. The addition of a leather loop in the middle of each tea towel is perfect for hanging to dry or display.

  One of my favourite memories of fall - from when I was a child- is of our epic nature collections our Mom would hep us put together. My sister and I would collect as many seeds, pine cones, fallen leaves and nuts as we could find on our walks home- our Mom would then help us assemble the collections on poster board- the final touch was she would help us to identify and label each natural treasure. This Heritage tea towel is directly derived from that memory- the Oak leaves and acorn a symbol for those fall collection from my childhood.

        I think the Heritage Collection pillow may be my favourite project to date- this is just a fun little decorative pillow- great for in a chair- nestled into the small of a back. Initially I started in on this embroidery project as a way to relax in the evening- I'm not really an embroidery person- or so I thought! Adorned with an iconic Canadiana symbol of a canoe and paddles this is reminiscent of many midnight  paddles across Okanagan Lake- a warm summer breeze on my shoulders and the moon in front of me.

       The final item in the Plain Jane Heritage Collection is this wee little pencil case- adorned with a cheeky Chickadee block print and embellished with a tiny bit of hand embroidery- this is a wonderful addition to anyone's work day! Inspired by my Gran's love of birds- I feel like this pencil case is something she would have liked in her sketch box.

       I am so pleased at these special pieces and can't wait to add more to the line- currently each item is one of a kind and each image will be limited edition- so if you see something you like be sure to grab it while you can!  These will all be up for sale in the shop later this afternoon- mean while if you are feeling inspired to create something of your own please have a look at my- yes my- new video made in conjunction with Julia Dilworth and Opus Framing and Art Supplies. I will admit I am super proud of what we made- it was a wonderful experience!


  1. I seriously LOVE your stuff. Would make a wonderful Christmas gift actually!!! How much are your tea towels?

    1. Hey thank you so much Carolyn! That is always so nice to hear! Th tea towels are 20"x24" and are sewn out of super heavy natural linen with a leather loop for hanging- they are $22.00 each! I also have a few other styles of tea towels in my Etsy shop!

  2. Your items are so beautiful and there is such a great story behind it too!

  3. Finally doing some catch up on the blog! Well done on the video! Love it. I should have taken one of your mini workshops on printing before I left, dang. I'll just watch the video a few more times. - tannis


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