Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Peace In The Heart Of The City

          One of our favourite peaceful spots to hide away and collect ourselves is the Dr.Sun Yat-Sen Park- connected to the classical Chinese garden the park is a quiet gem in the middle of busy Chinatown. The juxtaposition between modern city and classical gardens is easy to forget as soon as one steps through the gates and onto the path.

         Lush greenery surrounds the pond which is stocked with giant koi and covered in beautiful lily pads- our Littles love to come and watch the large fish glide by- keeping their eye out for different fish they have not seen yet. We could and have spent hours here just sitting and watching the fish.

       After a busy day at school and work sometimes we need a little change of scenery to decompress- the tranquility of the Dr. Sun Yet-Sen park quickly helps us achieve that peace we seek. Steps away from busy Pender Street you would never know that you are still in the heart of Vancouver.

         The park it's self is park of the Vancouver park's system and is open free of charge to the public- slip in to cool off on a hot Summer day (sigh remember those?) or visit the fish on a rainy day and watch the water falling on the pond. The park shares the pond with the Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Classical Chinese Gardens- there is a fee to enter the gardens but is well worth the visit. If you haven't visited the park- located just between Pender Street and Keefer Street- stop by the next time you are in the neighbourhood for a little peace of mind.

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