Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Small Piece Of Knitting For A Small Lady

       I remember just after Miss Lo was born- the three of us were at a park playing The Boy was still really small as well- they are only 18 months apart after all. I saw this other Mum playing with her daughter- she was obviously on the other side of babies- this Mum had kids. I started chatting with her and during our conversation it came up that I regretted not having any one on one time with Miss Lo- the way I did with The Boy when he was born. The reason why this conversation has stayed with me all these years is this Mum reassuring me that my day to have one on one bonding time with my daughter would come- he oldest had just gone to kindergarten and now she was having that time with her daughter. I remember watching them- blond and laughing in the late October sunlight- the ease with which the operated in the world- the connection that was palatable.

      You never know the impact your kind words might have on strangers- that day in the park that Mum gave me something else to look forward to- and that day is here- Miss Lo and I are having our days in the sun. These days although sunny are turning a bit brisk and so I finished off this sweet little cowl that I started fireside earlier in the summer- on Pender Island. I knew it would be for her as I was casting on- my sweet girl- a piece of sunshine around her neck- close to her heart.

       This cowl doesn't really have a pattern- or it it does I don't know about it- so basic and easy- mindless knitting in the round really. I cast on 108 stitches to a size 6- 16" circular needle- join for working in the round, being careful not to twist stitches, place marker and to mark beginning of the round. Ribbing- knit 2, purl 2 rib for 6 rounds. Continue knitting in stockinette stitch until cowl measures about 8 inches from cast on edge. Ribbing- knit 2, purl 2 for 6 rounds- bind off loosely in rib-weave in all ends (which I have yet to do in these pictures!)

        This cowl is the perfect fall piece for an active kiddo like Miss Lo- she needs something soft and warm around her neck yet I am terrified of scarves on the playground getting caught or pulled- the cowl solves that problem. In the winter it will fit nicely under her winter coat keeping out the clever winter winds coming down off the mountains. The wool is perfect for my little forest fairy- a light fingerling weight baby alpaca- naturally died with onion skins- purchased from Maiwa.

          I know our days in the sun are numbered- November is drawing near and with it the looming Kindergarten registration date- why does time need to move so fast? These last few weeks have been brilliant- the sun and fog- our city has become a magical place even if only for a short time- this weather can't possibly hold- but as long as the sun is shining you will find Miss Lo and I outside- soaking it all in!


  1. I've been looking at peoples fall photos and am envious. We have sun but it was -3 this morning (feels like -8 it said). Hats, mittens and winter jackets have been pulled out. We also had kindergarten registration a few weeks ago. Felt weird knowing that next year the first born will turn five and fulltime school begins. How fast they grow! -tannis

    1. It's much chillier here this morning- hats and I should have brought out the mitts! I need to unearth them from where ever they were stashed last Spring! We have Kindy registration on Friday- I'm pretty sad- it just goes by way too fast!

    2. Doesn't it just feel like it was Jacob's 1st birthday & you were announcing you & Kris were expecting? Then I piped up. "Me too"! Oh boy- I miss you guys so much!


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