Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birds of A Feather- Set Up Shop Together

      I know I'm always going on and on about how many talented folks I am blessed to know- this is only because it is completely true! Working in the arts community it is just natural to become close with many of the artists working along side you- ditto for the craft market community- I have met and become friends with some incredibly talented artisans. Recently a few of us put our heads together 
(OK really it was all Margot's idea) and decided to host a one day open house trunk show- three amazing businesses under one roof for one day- sounds exciting doesn't it!

     This coming Saturday for one day only- as I mentioned- Crystal Connections, Catch My Drift Words and Plain Jane Designs are coming together with some of our most fabulous items. This is an invite only event but if you are local and want to do some shopping- snagging an invite and all the details couldn't be easier- simply click on any of our business links to our Facebook pages and then drop us a private message! There are going to be some real goodies for sale on Saturday- I thought I would give you a sneak peek and an introduction of each of these talented ladies!

     Margot is a Registered Massage Therapist who also happens to be the creative force behind Crystal Connections. Coming from a healing background she is always interested in various methods of healing. She began researching and using the healing stones in her own life and saw the shift in her own emotions and energy. It was then that she knew she had to share her passion and knowledge for healing stones with the world.

      Margot designs one of a kind jewelry , crystal chakra sets and cat collars with all with healing stones. Margot is amazing at reading people's energy and intuitively knowing just what stone an individual needs in their life. Lots of yummy Crystal Creations will be available this Saturday- ROCK YOUR LIFE!

   Leona from Catch My Drift Words took her enjoyment of beach combing to the next level with the creation of her business- in her own words:

"I took a beautiful piece of driftwood when at the beach with my two girls- without knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it. I knew I wanted to do something with it. About a week or two later, my mom made me go to a yoga class with her to do something for myself and to just relax (working mom of two... doesn't happen often!)

 While I was supposed to be meditating and have a clear mind the word "calm" kept repeating in my thoughts. Then I though of my lovely piece of drift wood and thought that the word calm would be perfect painted on there... thus making it a Drift Word!"

  All wood has been collected by Leona and her girls on the Sunshine Coast. She used a line of locally made chalk paint- Fat Paint- for all the text and varnishes each piece to keep the words integrity. Each Drift Word is finished with a hanger on the back making this instant art for any space.

"I have always loved creating things and the outdoors... this combines the two perfectly. I love the time collecting and painting the Drift Words, that help me forget about the everyday craziness of life"

     Of course if you are a regular reader here you will have by now become immune to my almost weekly studio updates- this week has been no different- lots of busy making in the studio- AKA the kitchen table! I thought though that I would take a minute to speak about what Plain Jane is and how it has evolved over the years. I am for all intensive purposes a "painter" I love to paint but when I had babies I was really concerned about the use of solvents and pigments around their little bodies- so I stopped and turned to collage- which was fun and creative and filled all my needs as well as being much more gentle on those little growing brains.

     Plain Jane Designs started as a means of sending those collages out into the world- I love the concept of mail art and thought that a greeting card company would be a little like a giant mail art project! This is how my home business began- I collaged and then started incorporating screen printing while my babies napped- I sold my cards casually to my friends and family- then started an Etsy shop- the rest is kind of history!

    Over the years my process has changed and new products have been added- I'm always growing and looking for new ideas to incorporate into Plain Jane. This year things have really started to take off- I am incredibly proud of what I am creating- not only with my cards which are the back bone of what I do- but with my totes, pillows, tea towels and just the general feeling of what Plain Jane is!

 Plain Jane speaks to a slower life filled with lovely, high quality items that you will have for a long time- even the cards can linger for months or years! Every item is made with love and joy in my home studio- which by now you all know is the kitchen table! Plain Jane has allowed me to do what I love and remain at home with my Littles- which I feel is the greatest part of this whole deal!

    I really hope to see some of you lovely readers out this Saturday- we all know the Holiday's are approaching- we mock Costco for having Christmas trees in July but now really is the time to start thinking and shopping. Get everything wrapped up before the start of December so you can sit back and enjoy all those parties or just quietly snuggle in by the fire place. Saturday's open house is an excellent opportunity to get out and do a bit of shopping in a calm environment all the while supporting three local businesses!

P.S. we will be accepting cash, Visa & Mastercard

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