Monday, October 28, 2013

Tales From The Weekend

        Last weekend feels like it was a bit of a blur- it went by so fast if I had blinked I would have missed it. The big event of course was the long anticipated Urban Market out at Highstreet in Abbotsford which was put on by the ladies from Spruce Collective. Set up in the middle of a brand new modern mall the Urban Market was anything but your typical cookie cutter mall fodder. Looking around you in fact would be hard pressed to even know you were in a mall- the market was so packed with vintage goods and some amazing set ups it was more antique market than anything!

        On a bit of a whim I took a batch of my Holiday 2013 cards and they sold out! And I am so happy I grabbed them at the last minute as it seems folks have Christmas on the mind early this year- with plenty of unique items to chose from shoppers were stocking up early on one of a kind gifts. I love that somewhere someplace people will be opening up carefully considered treasures on Christmas Day- a handmade-vintage Christmas is the best kind of Christmas!

         Even now two days later it is difficult to gather all my thoughts about the market- it was pretty overwhelming- so many great vendors- both craft and vintage- being surrounded by so many talented people was like a weeks worth of inspiration rolled into a day- I'm still marinating! The market started off with a celebratory anniversary party for Spruce Collective- 150 tickets were sold for a sneak peek evening which of course was full of fantastic food and beverages. I got to meet a few of my design heroes and was a total fangirl.

        Saturday morning all remnants of the party were gone- save for the twinkle lights- and it was down to coffee and business. The Urban Market was definitely one of the more well attended events that I have been a part of - the crowds were thick and business was brisk- lots of people were attracted by the vintage element- myself included- of course I could not leave empty handed! I'm such a vintage hoarder that a few goodies came home with me- a mini wreath for the dollhouse, some teeny tiny Christmas trees, an beautiful over sized rosary, enamel wash basin and my big score of the weekend- a vintage postal bag- which will be revealed in a makeover soon!

          This morning I am sitting here sipping my first latte of the day and thinking about the weekend- planning where to take my next event- which incidentally is next weekend! Plain Jane is a part of an exciting open house in North Vancouver- please comment me via my Plain Jane Facebook page if you are interested in more details. The open house in in conjunction with Crystal Connections and Catch My Drift- lots of one of a kind gift items- avoid the crowds at the mall- come on out to visit and do some shopping! Cash, Visa and Mastercard will be accepted.  Last weekend was a great reminder that the Holidays are quickly approaching- folks are starting to shop and I need to be prepared!


  1. WELL Done chickie! I'm sure you are in card production mode for this weekend. Looks like an event I would have loved to have shopped. And thanks for reminding me that xmas is around the corner. Ugh! - Tannis

    1. Heh- yeah I'm acutely aware of how close the Holidays are! We are going away & the days are ticking by!


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