Friday, September 27, 2013

Simple Family Friday

Creating a Uniform

        I think for me and many other busy Mommas across this fine country one of the biggest challenges is getting out the door in the morning attired in an outfit that does not warrant a call from Stacey and Clinton.* Personally I love clothes- I love fashion- I just don't love the conditions under which most conventional clothing is made or the hefty price tag that accompanies most "quality" goods. The quandary then becomes what to wear as opposed to What Not To Wear!

     So to make getting dressed for myself easy I have curated a simple personal uniform- my closet is stocked with basics that I can blindly reach in and grab and on any given day be happy with what I have come out with! The secret to my super simple Momma wardrobe? Everything goes together- the only thing I like to avoid is double denim- you know the Texas Tuxedo! Aside from that fashion faux pas everything else is fair game.

    I started with a few basic bottoms- I have a great pair of dark jeans, the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, skinny cargo jeans and a fun trendy colour (turquoise)pair of jeans that works year round- that's right I have four pairs of pants. From there I have a number of tops that can be paired with all of these- throw in a few (count em 3) great dresses and leggings and call it a day. I do also have yoga and jogging clothes but those don't really count as part of my daily gear- my rule- no sweat pants outside of the gym or house- straight up Momma- leggings and a dress are just as easy and comfortable as jogging pants!

    When shopping for clothes I like to look for companies who's values are aligned with my own- Maiwa on Granville Island is one of my go to places for great sustainable fashion. Another fantastic local company is Mandala Sky- love their yoga clothes- these are the exception to the rule- they are street worthy yoga clothes- such good dresses- I'm wearing a pair of their pants right now in fact! If you start to look and pay for good quality, sustainable items for your closet that will last- you will find them.

    These days fashion for me is so much more simple- I don't even need to think about what I am going to wear- but in a good way because I love each piece that's in my closet. Shopping is fun and easy because I only shop a few places- besides thrifting and clothing swaps. For me half the battle is won if I can get up and dressed and feel confident in what I have on- if I can do this before everyone else is up and starting their busy day then all the better. Living with quality over quantity- fewer items that last longer- thats what makes my life super simple!

     Friends it is Friday again- yippee! It also happens to be a Pro- D day here which means no school- my Littles are already up and bouncing off the walls- they are super excited to have all their friends over this afternoon! I hope your weekend is snug and dry- warmed with lots of love, grace and a box of fine wine- Happy Friday Friends!

* Ok so if you have no TV or have been living under a rock for the past 10 years Stacey and Clinton are the stars of What Not To Wear my Hatewatch- I love it because it's about clothes- I hate it because it encourages people to conform- but they do have a lot of good "rules"!



  1. I suck at clothes. My uniform is jeans and t-shirt or a sweater dress and leggings. Now that's I'm all knocked up and can't wear anything, I'm all about leggings and whatever fits around the baby girth, ideally naked would be nice, but can you imagine the sunburns? OUCH!

    1. Lol- I don't blame you! When I was pregnant with Miss Lo the only item of clothing I bought new was my Mandala Sky cropped yoga pants- I still wear them! When pregnant I think it's even more important to go for ease and simplicity !


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