Thursday, September 26, 2013


       I am finding it so easy to get bogged down by life these days- not in a bad way just in an incredibly busy way- the days of September are whizzing by at increasing speed and I feel like just hitting pause so I can look up and breath a moment. I have taken to waking and rising very early just so I can have some peace and a moment to myself in which to come here to this space- it keeps me sane- with my first and most favourite latte of the day I can just sit and reflect for a minute before jumping into the fray.

      In that same vein I often find I have much to complain about with little regard to all the good things in my life I have to be grateful for- I give power to the negative and don't even consider the good. The good things far outweigh the negative or hard things - in an effort to acknowledge all that I am grateful for I am pausing this morning- and this is what I have to share.

I am grateful for:

The amazing weather yesterday- making it a treat to walk to and from school twice in our day- the blue skies and crisp winds made it the perfect fall day- perfect picture taking weather!

My boy had a great day at school- as we left many other classmates yelled out at him "Goodbye!"- we felt part of the school community-like we belong- I am grateful for that moment after some really tough weeks

Time spent with just my Girly yesterday- we explored fountains and public sculptures on our way to a friend's house- I love that the word sculpture is even part of her young vocabulary- I love learning who she is on her own

Finding myself a tribe of wonderful women who are just as crunchy, crazy and fun as I am- friends who like tea and cake and wine- separately or together- spending time with them yesterday

Extra canning jars from said friends- I am ever so grateful for those!

I am so grateful that the Mr. has a job- contract work is a pain - I am so happy he has work right now- I am grateful for that- just not the long hours

Looking forward to more "spare" time spent at a coffee shop on my own today- a full three hours with no Littles is still feeling really foreign and I can be quite emotional about it- but I am enjoying actually sitting and reading or people watching- in the city I never tire of people watching!

      My list may be mundane to some but to me these are the things keeping me going this week- it really is the small things like a cup of tea with friends or the sunshine sifting through the window that I have to be grateful for always- sometimes I need to look up and remind myself that. Once power is given to all these good things- the hard and scary things don't seem so bad anymore!

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