Friday, August 2, 2013

The Soap Dispensary

           This next little gem is so good I can hardly believe it took me so long to get myself there! The Soap Dispensary is a wee little shop on Main Street- all natural body care products, ingredients for any DIY cleaning products an Urban Homesteader could possibly need! Beeswax, sprout seeds, charcoal filters, wool dryer balls, vanilla beans, cedar balls, glass jars, essential oils - the list just goes on an on. Then there is the refill aspect which is more the driving force behind the business- bring or buy containers and have them filled and refilled with biodegradable laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, dish soap- I could go on and on!

         With an eye to keeping things simple and local many of the lines carried are made in Metro Vancouver- with additional items from around the world that keep in line with a more simple aesthetic- the idea of doing more with less. They make cleaning beautiful!

           Obviously I am a very visual person so another aspect of the Soap Dispensary that appeals to me in the layout of the store- while it is tiny and always seems to be super bus whenever we are in- the space is beautifully merchandised. Large windows flood the store with sunshine on a Summer day showing off the lovely glass jars and bottles lined up on shelves.

          Lets face it- while we do all have those blue bins lurking around our homes and everyone is now conditioned to recycle instead of throwing away we all seem to have forgotten the first of the three "R"s- Reduce, Reuse and then Recycle. Keeping single use plastic items out of the recycling system- or  even just reducing the amount of single use plastics a family uses is so easy- not to mention pretty essential. We all (myself included) have an out of sight out of mind mentality- lets reconsider for a moment a few of our choices involving single use plastic. The Soap Dispensary makes this choice easy and convenient!

     Friends I can't believe I almost forgot that it is Friday! This week has gone by so fast with my Littles at day camp- the Mommas and I have had such a fun week- thanks ladies for the adventures and all the coffee! My wish for you all this weekend- mid way through summer is that you find yourself surrounded by love and fine boxed wine! Happy Friday Friends!


  1. vanilla beans and soap? strange combo!
    There's a wee store in Monterrey similar to this. I love it.
    Really come and visit! I'll find all of the equivalents for you! We'll have to travel from Monterrey to SF, but that's fun too, it does kind of speak to the much more hippy nature of Vancouver. Although maybe I need to spend more time in Santa Cruz.

    1. The Soap Dispensary does have quite the range in goodies for the DIY enthusiast! I would love to visit Monterrey- we met some ladies from there the other night and they were very nice!


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