Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Happy Place- Le Marche St George

            As mentioned in yesterday's donut post this week is dedicated to Momma Field Trips- as in the little ones are all at Summer camp this week- which frees up a large portion of my day. A few lovely ladies and I have been exploring our neighbourhoods and indulging in way too much caffeine- but oh it sure does the soul good!

        One of my all time favourite spots to sip a latte is Le Marche St George- you may remember me writing about it here- This is where we headed yesterday for more catching up, fresh brioche and yes more lattes! Every detail at Le Marche is so well considered- so beautifully displayed- ever groceries in intimate vignettes. It is no wonder as Le Marche is the product of a super creative family full of artists- the creativity is palatable and easily absorbed just through sitting quietly.

      The shop is stocked with lovely little runs of product- a small selection of gorgeous Mexican tops, the owner's pottery, Ken Diamond leather goods as well as all sorts of delectable treats like lovely olive oils and local produce. The term "well curated" gets tossed around a lot these days- this is the one instance that I feel that applies- even the popsicles in the freezer are artfully propped up!

      If you have yet to visit this little gem in the heart of our city now is the time to do it- sit outside and soak up the sunshine. Le Marche St George is located at the corner of St George and 28th - just between Main and Fraser- open weekdays 8-6 and weekends 9-6.

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