Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adventuring: Alice Lake

          Four years ago we had what I felt was the hottest summer ever- it techinically wasn't- the weather didn't break any records like this summer- but I was nine months pregnant and it felt like the hottest August ever! In an effort to find some comfort as well as visit with our niece and a few friends we headed up into the woods behind Squamish to a place I had never been before- Alice Lake. 

        This past long weekend we decided to stick close to home- all our summer adventuring is catching up to us in the form of piles of laundry and cranky kiddos. Come Monday though we were all feeling rested and so we set out on an adventure of the close to home variety- we headed back to Alice Lake where the breeze is cool and the water is warm! It felt like a full circle moment being there with Miss Lo beside me instead of in utero- I get super emotional thinking back on those days right before her birth and this place was central to that event.

         After a week spent swimming in Okanagan Lake our Littles were anxious to get back in the water to practice their swimming. Our boy has slowly graduated from swimming with a life jacket to water wings- to no water wings this weekend- so proud of this kid! Miss Lo swims "like a dolphin" and enjoys her water wings- they are pink so I think at this point they are more of an accessory!

        Alice Lake is such a lovely little spot- which is perhaps why on a long weekend it can get very busy- there was a line up of cars waiting to get into the gate of the park as we left. If you plan on going it's best to be there before 11:00 am not only to avoid the crowds and get a picnic table- but to actually be able to get in! Alice lake is situated just off Highway 99- about 13 kilometers North of Squamish- the close proximity to Vancouver combined with stellar views and warm water is what makes this such a popular get away for us city folk!

        While our focus yesterday was on picnicking and swimming the park affords visitors numerous hiking trails- well groomed and easily accessible these trails are our our list for a Fall adventure. There is also a small store for people to purchase rafts and rent paddle boards and kayaks as well as refreshments.

         The drive up the Sea To Sky Highway is a treat all on it's own- this is a beautiful province we live in and what a more fitting way to celebrate B.C. Day than to be out in nature enjoying all we have at our finger tips? This August Long weekend is always a bit of a tipping point in the Summer for us- yes you may have notice the word Fall creep into this post! My mind has started to turn inwards again- thinking about back to school- for the first time ever! As well as getting back into the studio for me in the coming cooler weeks- mean while we will enjoy these last few weeks of beach time and more adventuring!

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