Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List

      To say we have had a busy summer would be an understatement- this has been one epic summer in terms of adventuring and trying new things. Back in May we sat together as a family and mapped out how we wanted to see our summer panning out- we made our summer bucket list for 2013 and got on board with the Happy Family Movement. Making a bucket list was fantastic- it gave direction to our summer- we were forced to commit to plans like booking camp grounds months in advance- for a family full of Aquarians (slightly flaky) this worked really well.

     Since our summer is winding down I thought I would take a look at what we have done and what we have left to cross off our bucket list- regardless of adventures completed or not- we really did have the best summer ever!

 1. Go camping- two camping trips down one left to go!

2. Eat S'mores- obviously we have eaten our fair share of S'mores over the last few months!

3. go strawberry and blueberry picking- make jam- we picked strawberries- I will be making jam this fall one rainy day!

4. Go to Atlantis Water slides in Vernon- we haven't done this yet- summer isn't over yet!

5. Go to the Twilight Drive- In theater in Aldergrove- yes! Check me out with my massive soda!

6. Picnic with Dee- yes and often! We had lots of fun with our little friend and her family this summer!

7. Water fight with friends

8. bike ride to Second Beach pool- well we rode our bike to Lumberman's arch instead

9. Bike ride to Ganges on Saltspring Island- this never happened- sadly the Mr.'s bike was stolen the week before we were set to go- maybe next summer!

10. make Popsicles

11. Bon fire at Poppa's house- due to a fire ban this item will have to wait until Thanksgiving weekend

12. go on a Momma date to the beach with wine- well there was no wine but plenty of whisky and gin! I was fortunate enough to go to a few movies in Stanley Park with some momma friends- I'm looking forward to planning one more night out before it gets too dark too early!

13. explore Fort Langley- we decided to save this for a rainy fall day

14. try a new beach- we sampled from so many new beaches in and around the Lower Mainland- we are so blessed to live in such an amazing place!

15. go hiking in Pacific Spirit Park

16. Go to Whistler- we are heading up on the long weekend

17. check out the Sole Food Farm- we have hit their farm stand many times at the market!

18. more crafting- obviously!

19. learn to make Kombucha- this is still on the agenda for fall!

20. learn to make ice cream- I can't believe we haven't made ice cream yet! This is a must do for the last few weeks of summer!

        I totally loved this Summer bucket list and I think we will make one for the fall- there are so many amazing things to do on the Coast that we have yet to do. We had such fun crossing things off our list and documenting it along the way! While lists aren't for everyone I found that since we kept it simple it really helped us to focus and actually get out and do things- since lots of stuff was pre booked we just had to show up- which was awesome! There is still another month or so to go- here's to hoping we can cross off a few more things!

        Friends it is Friday again- this has been quite a long week for me- super busy- my sister and her sweet family are coming to visit today- I am looking forward to just kicking back with a glass or three of fine boxed wine to enjoy my family. My wish for you this weekend is that regardless of rain or sun that you get outside and enjoy these last long days of summer! Much love and peace Friends!


  1. When you come and visit I can teach you to make kombucha and water kefir! And I want to take you to natural bridges, it's such a pretty beach, one of my faves!

    1. I'm sure you will have many adventures planned for when I finally make it to California!! I can't wait to see all the cool places you talk about:)

  2. awesome list of things done! so simple yet so family focused it!

    1. thanks! We kept it super simple on purpose- and it totally worked for us!

  3. What a great bucket list! I was just thinking the other day that it's almost time to revisit my list and see what will have to go on next year's list. I'm going to give us a another week or two to try and check a few things off before we start thinking about our Fall list...

    Pink Chai Style

    1. You have plenty of time to check more items off your summer list! At the top of my Fall list is apple picking- in a cute sweater and boots;)

  4. Jealous of all the camping! I totally wanted to this summer, but it just... never quite worked out & it sure ain't going to now with less than two weeks until my due date! :P Great bucket list!

    1. I am loving all the camping trips we took this year- one more is still to come mid- September! Haha- I agree I'm quite sure I would not have been able to get up out of an air mattress as 9 months pregnant- so I don't blame you! There is always next year Lisa!

  5. What a fun summer!
    Ps I love camping,and s'mores. No berries. And the drive in!

  6. Awesome, Sharilyn!!! Good times with your family. I am glad you had a chance to spend all this time with your family. Please let me know when you make the ice cream, share the recipe with us ;)

  7. That was awesome, glad you had the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful summer with your family! Share the ice cream recipe with us please ;)


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