Monday, August 26, 2013

Beach Days

           This past weekend was filled with fun cousin time- my sister and her family made their annual trip to Ikea- which happens to be fairly close to where we live. Obviously they could not travel all the way to the land of Swedish meatballs with out stopping to visit us. We had hoped for sunnier weather but on the coast we take what we can get and in spite of the ominous skies we headed out to the beach.

        As is often the case Spanish Banks was much sunnier and warmer than in the city- so no rain and loads of beach time! The cousins live on a lake and so collecting shells is super novel to them- buckets of shells were collected and discussed- beach glass was discovered and lots of holes were dug- good times for all!

          We have not been to Spanish Banks all summer- too busy exploring new beaches and swimming in lakes- so it was with much excitement that we headed back there- it is our favourite beach in all of Vancouver after all! The little kids played and the big kids (us) visited- caught up like only families can- had a few libations and of course sandwiches- everything always tastes better outside!

          We love when our family comes to visit us- it's true we have chosen to live away from them- but we still miss them- it is so special when either the Mr.'s sister or my sister comes to visit. We love to play tour guide and show off our favourite spots in our fair city! Regardless of how far apart our children live I think my Littles have a pretty special relationship with their cousins.

           It was fantastic to be able to spend the day with a few of our favourite people in one of our favourite spots- great to get back out to Spanish Banks before the end of the summer. It feels like Saturday was one of those days that memories are made of- hopefully each Little will tuck something away from our time spent on the beach in Vancouver and carry it with them always.

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