Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shop Update : Feathers

      Here we are once again mid week- Wednesday- which I have decided will be the day to do any shop updates or news relating to Plain Jane Designs. Often I get a little annoyed when bloggers incessantly post about their business- and while mine is small and such a integral part of daily life around these parts I have been very conscious about pushing my "product" on readers- it still feels really weird for me to call my handmade pieces product! At any rate Wednesdays are now shop update days- so if I have something to post relating to Plain Jane Designs- it will be here on this day!

          I am super excited about this weeks items that are heading into the shop later this afternoon- this week I made a new screen- feathers! I may have gone a bit batty printing everything with feathers but oh I love it so! I have a limited edition run of these beautiful indigo tea towels printed with white feathers- only four in stock- 100% cotton- 20"x30"- $7.00 each. 

        Everyone's favourite mini Moleskine notebook is back- this time with teal feathers and neon pink stitching- this petite book fits snugly into a back pocket for emergency sketching or note taking- also is small enough to throw into a purse. Acid free paper- sized at 3.5" x5.5"- $8.00 each

        My favourite new item is this little pouch- I have decided that everyone needs one of these- so handy- I have been using mine when we go to the pool to hold our ice cream money, keys and phone. These pouches are about 9" x 8"- sewn out of hand screened linen with contrasting zipper- lined with printed cotton- $18.00 each. I have three of the new feather print in stock- ready for shipping now!

          I will admit I am super proud of what is coming out of my studio these days- it's often difficult for me to admit that sort of thing out loud- I would never want to sound like I am bragging! Some days though I just want to squeal with excitement when I lift up the screen and reveal an awesome print! So thank you to all my friends and family who have been supporting me with their encouragement and purchases- you are all helping me make my dream happen!

        Everything featured in today's post will be up in my Plain Jane Designs' Etsy shop by this afternoon- I ship world wide as well am always open to custom orders! Please check out my facebook page for updates- "like" it if you feel so inclined!


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