Thursday, August 15, 2013

You Want A Camping Party?

            When Miss Lo came to us in June with the idea of going camping for her birthday we thought "yeah OK- that would be fun"! Then she started in on the details- she wanted all of her friends to come to the campground, she wanted ice cream cake and she wanted fizzy water with pink syrup (rhubarb syrup and Pelligrino). Again we rolled with it- some things like the ice cream cake would need to be compromised on- logistically cup cakes would just have to work! What seemed like a tall order from our soon to be four year old wasn't in fact out of the question- we felt we could pull off a camping birthday party.

            So back in June the thought of a camping birthday party sounded like a good idea- kids outside- running around- maybe a scavenger hunt and a craft- cup cakes, hot dogs and sunshine. I planned on making this the most simple party ever- relying on Mother Nature to provide the bulk of the entertainment. Fast forward to this week- today in fact- right now to get technical- it is raining. Yes the weekend of the great birthday adventure is finally here and it is raining- good thing we are seasoned campers and know all about tarping and trenching!

            Being the determined West Coasters that we are- we are going with it- the camping party is still happening- maybe with hot chocolate instead of home made sodas- and we will be swapping out the swim suits for rain coats and boots! The paper decorations are quickly being replaced with fabric banners from the Little's bed room and we have packed extra tarps- but we are loading up the van right now and heading out this afternoon!

         Friends I am taking tomorrow off- I am not sure there is even cell service at the campground so the idea of lugging the laptop camping seems just ridiculous! Plus I want to give our Littles my full attention and just tune out for the weekend- you can be sure that I will be back in this space first thing Monday morning with details of our adventure- wet or dry- most defiantly fun! So my wish for you my dear Friends is that your weekend is splendid and dry- if not there is always fine boxed wine- Happy Thursday!

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