Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Field Trip: Edible Canada

        This week with our littlest Littles in Summer camp a few friends and I have been going for some Momma themed field trips- the beach for coffee, Gastown, Main Street and we had to hit Granville Island for some Duck Fat Donuts- yes you read that right- Duck Fat Donuts. Being touted as one of the top eight Summer treats to try in Vancouver these delicious morsels from Edible Canada more than stand up to their reputation!

       Sweet and savory these donuts really have more in common with a beignet than a Timbit- light and airy- not heavy at all- a perfect flavour balance. Ordered from the Edible Canada take out window (located directly across from the Public Market) the donuts are made fresh for each order- enjoy with a Saltspring Island coffee while sitting on adorable stumps covered in burlap.

        Of course a prudent woman would order one portion to share- but my friends and I don't roll like that! So this order of When Sticky Pigs Fly was all mine- caramel, chocolate and bacon- oh yah -good thing there were no kids around that I had to share with either! I'm thinking the next time we go I will have to try Bring on the Payne- spicy and salty!So many donuts so little time!

P.S. by now Lovely Cousin Laura will be drowning in drool- so go- pay the $9.00 for parking and just go get these donuts right now!

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