Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Earnest Ice Cream is Earnestly Good!

       We discovered Earnest Ice Cream about a year ago at the Winter farmer's market out at Nat Bailey Stadium and we were instantly hooked! Originally it was just the Salted Caramel then we sampled our all time fave Blasted Chocolate- yup chocolate ice cream infused with Blasted Church Merlot- our kid's called it "Mummies Wine Ice Cream" and they would not be too far off the mark! This past week marked the opening of Earnest Ice Creams bricks and mortar scoop shop at 3992 Fraser Street in Vancouver.- you know because we needed yet one more reason to love this area of town!

          Part of what I love- beside the amazing flavour combos- is the fact the every thing about Earnest Ice Cream is so honest! A quick glance at the ingredients list will read like a grocery shopping list- eggs, cream, milk, lemons, blue berries- just whole food- much of it local. Plus this delicious treat comes in a re-usable glass jar- take your clean lids and jars back for a dollar off your next pint- how good- or Earnest if you will- is that!

         A few things to consider before you go- take cash- or a credit card as they don't take debit yet- all prices include tax- a pint with four spoons is $11- worth every penny! It is busy- the line up was out the door- which is fantastic for their first week in business- the folks at the scoop shop handle it like pros though and the line up moves quickly- do not let the line up get between you and your ice cream! And finally- it is tough to pick just one flavour- we went for Milk Chocolate- divine, Vegan Lemon- delish and Blueberry- heavenly!

p.s. can I just say the design nerd in me loves the look of the store! That penny tile back splash? Get out of town!

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